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Biodiversity Offsets NSW

Welcome to Hunter Ecology

Ecology, bushland, threatened species, conservation, bushfire and environment. Here at Hunter Ecology we offer ongoing advice and support. Our aim is to build lasting relationships through the work we do for our Clients. We are professionals when it comes to land management and developments of any sort. 

Hunter Ecology services all your environmental needs for both planning and development purposes as well as through private and public land conservation. We specialise in Biodiversity Stewardship Sites, Ecological Assessments, Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDAR), Vegetation Management Plans, Flora and Fauna Reports and any other ecological work you may require. 

We are BAM Accredited (Biodiversity Assessment Method under the Biodiversity Offsets System), and are able to establish biodiversity credits for you towards a Biodiversity Stewardship Site, or enable development through the biodiversity credit calculation your proposal requires. We also advertise your Credits on our webpage at no cost.

We furthermore offer services in site rehabilitation, nest/habitat box management, bushfire planning advice, sustainability, education, GIS/mapping, cultural heritage advice, pest species management, peer review, and offer a brokerage service with respects to the NSW Governments Biodiversity Offsets Scheme. 

What We Do

Ecological consultancy Newcastle
Biodiversity Stewardship Sites
BAM Accredited Assessor

Biodiversity Stewardship Sites

Hunter Ecology is accredited under the NSW Government's Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS) to establish Biodiversity Stewardship Sites upon your property. Biodiversity Stewardship Sites can be financially lucrative to a property owner who wishes to establish their bushland areas for Biodiversity Credits. 


Hunter Ecology's clientele are free to advertise their credits here on the Hunter Ecology website. Please get in contact for more information.

Planning & Development 

At Hunter Ecology we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, we have good relationships with key government agencies, and our ongoing commitment to research and business improvement keeps us abreast of statutory, policy and scientific frameworks and advancements at the local, regional, state and national levels.

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