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Environmental Impact Assessment

Planning & Development

At Hunter Ecology we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, we have good relationships with key government agencies, and our ongoing commitment to research and business improvement keeps us abreast of statutory, policy and scientific frameworks and advancements at the local, regional, state and national levels.

Our small and personable team has a diverse range of experience across a number of sectors, including but not limited to the infrastructure, government and urban planning sectors. We have worked on renewable energy projects, including both solar and wind, to projects as diverse as the construction of your own home, pool, Asset Protection Zone or garden shed, to large sub-divisions, to mine sites, to national park heritage infrastructure and all the way to local government Biodiversity Strategies. 

At Hunter Ecology we can tailor our experience to your needs, the following details the types of work we undertake and can combine to ensure the best possible outcome for you: 

  • Accredited Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM) assessors

  • Conservation and Development advice (including Water Management Act 2000)

  • Feasibility Assessments (Constraints and Opportunities)

  • Ecological survey, monitoring and assessment (Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016)

  • GIS and Spatial Planning 

  • Environmental Impact Assessment / Ecological Assessments (5-Part Tests)

  • Reviews of Environmental Factors (REFs) 

  • Vegetation Management Plans / Ecological Sustainability Plans 

  • Commonwealth approvals under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) 

  • Biodiversity strategies

  • DCP / LEP amendments 

  • Sustainability Advice

  • Offset strategies (Biodiversity Offsets Scheme)

  • Bushfire Advice (Rural Fires Act 1997)

  • Cultural Heritage Advice (AHIMS)

  • Strategic land use planning

  • Vegetation mapping

  • Community consultation

  • Site rehabilitation / bush regeneration / Nest box management

  • Pest Species Management Plans

  • Peer review

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