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BAL Certificates

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates

Hunter Ecology issues BAL Certificates to meet council and Rural Fire Service requirements under Planning for Bushfire Protection (PBP) 2019 and AS 3959 2018. A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate is required to state that a development is not located within BAL-40 or Flame Zone. 

We offer advice around Asset Protection Zone (APZ) requirements and construction both from a bushfire and ecological perspective. Hunter Ecology is equipped to develop Vegetation Management Plans (VMP's) to facilitate sustainable development to this regard. APZ planning requirements are often intrinsically linked to ecological planning controls - Hunter Ecology can bridge these development aspects to complete a seamless application to your requirements. 

Planning for Bushfire Protection 2019 can be downloaded at

Bush Fire Level Certificates
Bushfire Advice
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